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ABBY BLACK, Author, Illustrator, Animator
North Carolina native Abby Black began writing novels at the age of 8, stirred by her initiative to fill a gap to become a solution for other bookworms like herself who were looking for a greater variety of wholesome and exciting stories. The more Abby wrote, the deeper her uncompromising focus became to write narratives that captured and challenged the current state of the culture and ideologies around her, chronicling characters who rose above their circumstances while exemplifying wisdom, honor, and compassion.

As a young teen, a selection of Abby’s prose and short stories were chosen to be published in an anthology at North Carolina State University. At the age of 16, she published the first installment of ”The Antediluvians" to a worldwide audience. Each 500+ paged, illustrated dinosaur-themed novel in the trilogy is a thought provoking, wholesome, science-fiction-meets-action story, purposed to challenge her generation to break the surface of mediocrity to be a stalwart and positive influence. The much awaited 2nd novel in the series, “The Antediluvians II - Multiple Targets“ was released in the summer of 2019. Watch for the third and final novel in “The Antediluvians” trilogy release date. "The Antediluvians" can be found in the public library system, and is also available in paperback, eBook, and iBook, wherever books are sold.

Abby’s upcoming fourth novel injects characters from “The Antediluvians” storyline, and introduces her new historical science fiction series, which follows a young heroine as she works through the complexities of finding an ethical and moral compass whilst traveling throughout the Civil War South. This fourth book is slated to be pitched to the Big Screen. A musical soundtrack for it, using her song lyrics, is currently being scored in the recording studio.

In addition to being a member of the local Artists' Guild, being Co-Chair on her town's Urban Forestry Advisory Board, and being part of a vibrant writers' group, Abby also pens a popular cartoon series, We Got Chickens, and she creates animated technology training videos for the business arena.
Another area where she is purposed to help others is through her line of t-shirts and functional art that speak for "LIFE," "AMERICA," "RESPONDERS," and "THE 7 CULTURAL MOUNTAINS OF INFLUENCE." For more information about her apparel line, please see her T-SHIRTS link.

Abby enjoys baking, reading copious amounts of literature and historical non-fiction, collecting antique books and odd trivia facts, staying engaged in politics, gardening and hanging out with her chickens, articulating animal skeletons, and spending time outdoors.

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