ABBY BLACK, Author, Illustrator, Animator
Reading has always been a strong foundation in Abby Black's life. At the age of eight, after not being able to find the types of courageous books she enjoys, she took it upon herself to fill that gap. Penning her first unpublished full-length novel stoked a creative fire inside of her to develop adventures, including characters and narratives that capture and challenge the current state of the culture around her; characters who have honor and compassion, and who rise above their circumstances. In her teens, Abby broadened her interests in technology. She devoted her energies in learning video, digital art, and live-event production. Now, as a young adult, Abby is just as intentional with her time, choosing to invest in people, stories, animation, and other creative endeavors with Kingdom values and a moral compass.

When Abby isn't creating art or new adventures, she loves baking, designing jewelry, researching history, taking care of her animals, being out-of-doors, and writing her cartoon series, "We Got Chickens." She is also hard at work in the studio creating a number of "Guess the Scene" scored animations from "The Antediluvians," while expanding her skills and knowledge in art and movie production, moving toward her dreams of becoming a storyboard artist, and seeing her stories make it to the big screen.

"The Antediluvians" series is a thought-provoking, science-fiction-meets-action story, purposed to challenge her generation to go behind the surface of the culture to be a stalwart and effective Godly influence. Book one was published worldwide in 2014 when Abby was 16 years old, and can be found at all fine book retailers, as well as, at the local bookstore and public library level. "The Antediluvians 3" is slated to be released in 2020.

Also, watch for two new and exciting forthcoming projects: A sci-fi historical fiction saga set in the Civil War era; and a line of merchandise and wearables that speak for life, liberty, and a gratitude to our military and first responders.

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